Funny Windows 10 Task manager

New MS Windows 10 has just surprised me with an empty task-manager hiding all processes under the “More details” button.

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A simple way to visualize IBM SVC/Storwize performance

Recently I wrote a set of tools to collect and display in CLI performance statistic of IBM Spectrum Virtualize: SVC and Storwize systems. Using various protocols it’s possible to get both detailed performance for each vdisk, mdisk or drive as well as generalized statistics for the entire system.

These textual outputs can be pushed into any monitoring systems like Zabbix. But one of the easiest way is to use famous RRD to accumulate data and build such graphs. Below is a screenshot of an HTML dashboard with Controller-level performance statistics for a single IBM SVC system:IBM SVC/Storwize performance dashboard

Such simple dashboards and diagrams can easily be created for every recourse of the storage system. An example of the script for creating this controller-level performance dashboard is included into distribution under 2rrd directory.

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Азерот, Митрион, Зинтас…

… а вернее, Атбаш, Цезарь и Виженер. Древняя криптография дневника №3 Шестипалого автора из Гравити Фолз получила продолжение.

Дело в том, что оба заказчика как-то не слишком высоко оценили текстовый терминал и скрипт на Python, поэтому шифровальную машинку пришлось переделывать на JavaScript и HTML, чтобы не дергали папу доставить удовольствие детям.

Зато теперь простенькие коды можно шифровать и расшифровывать прямо в онлайн. Исходный код все еще лежит тут. А ещё, я, кажется, зря надеюсь, что мобильную версию делать не придется.

P.S. Напоследок хотел написать всякого нехорошего про то, куда катится современный мир о программировании для веб, но решил, что лучше не буду старым брюзгой вроде дяди Стэна. Все и так всё давно знают.

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Well done, JavaScript. Well done!


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Quickly report alive IPv6 addresses on the network

While searching a robust solution to discover all alive hosts on the local IPv6 subnet, I have found the easiest way except, probably, ndp is to ping … no, not each of them, but the multicast address ff02::1 and then catch answers from all alive hosts.

On my Mac (and I suppose the same on any BSD or Linux system) ping6 utility can do the thing perfectly. For example, I run it on the interface (-I en0) to send two ICMP6 Echo-Request packets (-c 2) with a 10 seconds interval (-i 10) between them:

I wrote mping6.awk – a wrapper in awk language to simplify the task. It helps to get rid of statistical information and duplicated entries (in the example above e80::1019:5816:6b36:1b3e icmp_seq 0 and 1):

You can download this simple IPv6 address “scanner” from GitHub: mping6.awk

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My article about scripting is included into the “IBM System Storage SAN Volume Controller and Storwize V7000 Best Practices and Performance Guidelines” Redbook

The latest draft of the famous “IBM System Storage SAN Volume Controller and Storwize V7000 Best Practices and Performance Guidelines” book is already on the IBM Redbooks site.

And this year I was lucky to take part in writing it. Wohoo!

So read my text about scripting for SVC/Storwize storage systems on pages 425-438 of the book or as a standalone article IBM Spectrum Virtualize scripting on my blog.

My topic touches some universal ways of accessing IBM Spectrum Virtualize system with scripts. These methods can be easily applied to reporting, configuration and storage administration tasks. Though most of the current operating systems and almost any modern programming language have resources to illustrate the subject, this section concentrates mostly on UNIX/Linux environments with Bourne-again shell (bash) for simple examples and on Python version 3 for advanced cases. This section demonstrates basic usage of the following protocols, standards and APIs:

  • Secure Shell (SSH)
  • SMI-S
  • HTTPS and RESTful API on IBM Spectrum Control
  • HTTPS on IBM Spectrum Virtualize

And yes, in this article I also show a nice way to collect performance statistic for individual volumes and mdisks.

For performance collection task you may also be interested in  my utility 🙂

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Атбаш, Цезарь и Виженер в Гравити Фолз

На новый год Дед Мороз подарил сыну Дневник №3 неизвестного автора из Гравити Фолз. Папа теперь разгадывает коды и шифры.


Загадок в книжке полно, пришлось на коленке написать коротенький скрипт для для раскодирования кодов Атбаш, Цезарь и Виженер.

Для несчастных родителей или смышленых детей ссылка для скачивания тут:

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