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OpenBSD humor [no] yes

Just a message in the OpenBSD group in Facebook Tito Mari Francis Escano: Trying to setup an OpenBSD 5.9 VM, for the sake of practicing security, I thought of setting up a local user, but I was going too fast, since … Continue reading

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How to expand LDEVs on Hitachi storage systems using CCI

For USP-V and earlier systems: raidvchkset -I1234 -g GROUP_TO_EXPAND –d LDEV_TO_EXPAND -vext 20G This command adds 20 GB to the LDEV_TO_EXPAND in GROUP_TO_EXPAND using 1234 HORCM instance. A valid entry for the GROUP_TO_EXPAND/LDEV_TO_EXPAND must be present in horcm1234.conf. Starting with … Continue reading

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BSD Mag continues to publish the BeaST related articles

Read our “Optimizing In-Memory Cache of the BeaST Architecture” story in the fresh issue of BSD Magazine. “The BeaST is the new FreeBSD based dual-headed reliable storage system concept. Recently, we implemented both ZFS and in-memory cache in our architecture. … Continue reading

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Grouping commands in the Bourne Shell (sh)

Parentheses are used to run commands in a subshell: $ foo=bar $ echo $foo bar $ (foo=superbar; echo $foo) superbar $ echo $foo bar Curly braces are for grouping commands into a list to run in the current shell. But … Continue reading

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Такие дела. По крайней мере пару минут сервис был недоступен.

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Famous Xerox Alto restoration

“Alan Kay, whose vision for a personal computer guided the Alto, recently gave an Alto computer to Y Combinator. Getting this system running again is a big effort but fortunately I’m working with a strong team, largely from the IBM 1401 restoration team. … Continue reading

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“Приятный” сюрприз от Evernote

Кажется, что от заметок в Evernote мне придется отказаться. И раньше-то неудобный веб-клиент вызывал раздражение, а теперь, после изменений в подписке станет совсем плохо. Буду пользоваться iCloud и стандартными “заметками” на моих яблочных устройствах.

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