How to expand LDEVs on Hitachi storage systems using CCI

For USP-V and earlier systems:

raidvchkset -I1234 -g GROUP_TO_EXPAND –d LDEV_TO_EXPAND -vext 20G

This command adds 20 GB to the LDEV_TO_EXPAND in GROUP_TO_EXPAND using 1234 HORCM instance. A valid entry for the GROUP_TO_EXPAND/LDEV_TO_EXPAND must be present in horcm1234.conf.

Starting with VSP and HUS VM storage systems LDEV expansion can be performed with raidcom utility. The example below shows how to add 20G to the LDEV 00:01 on the storage system pointed by HORCM instance 1234. Definition for the 00:01 LDEV may not be specified in horcm1234.conf.

raidcom extend ldev -ldev_id 0x0001 -capacity 20G -I1234


  • Valid “horcm1234.conf” file must be created in advance and HORCM instance 1234 must be started with the “horcmstart 1234” command
  • If the LDEV to be expanded is replicated, the appropriate mirror pair has to be deleted with “pairsplit -S”
  • Note, that there is no space between -I and 1234 when you specify instance number as command line argument: -I1234
  • Set HORCMINST=1234 environment variable instead of -I1234 if you prefer oldschool style. Check your shell syntax on how to set it properly.
  • Under Windows, execute all CCI commands in “cmd” which is started by “Run as Administrator”.
  • -ldev_id can be represented in multiple formats: 0x0001, 00:01, 1
  • -capacity in G, M or Blocks

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12+ years of experience in large SAN and storage environments: mainly Hitachi, HP and Brocade. Now I am a proud SAN/storage IBMer. Redbooks author. The BeaST – storage-system concept inventor. Empty – expect-like tool developer. FreeBSD enthusiast.
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