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Structure size optimization in C

Did you ever noticed the order of members in the data structures affects the whole size of the structure in C language? For example, if you define this T1 structure: typedef struct { char a; /* 1 byte */ int b; /* … Continue reading

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8 bit Cinema is amazing!

I still can’t believe in it, but I have finally seen Godzylla move! And there are more of them including “Pulp Fiction”, “Terminator 2”, “Forrest Gump”, “Star Wars” and even “Stranger Things”!

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The BeaST storage is mentioned on BSD Now TV!

While reviewing two BSD Magazine issues Allan Jude and Kris Moore discuss also the BeaST storage architecture articles. BSD Now, Episode 157, starting from 0:53:05

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How can you find out which process is listening on a port on Windows?

If you can start cmd as an Administrator, simple run: netstat -nab which will give you the list of open sockets along with the names of processes. In other case you can try to find it by process-id manually. For … Continue reading

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Playing with the renewed CTL High Availability implementation in FreeBSD

As I promised lately, here is my small report on trying to use the new CTL HA in the BeaST storage system. “This CTL HA enhancement looks extremely important for the BeaST storage system as implementation of high available native … Continue reading

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Quick reference for adding and attaching drives in VirtualBox CLI

Recently VirtualBox Manager GUI running on my Windows box, began to crash without any known reason when creating new or attaching existent virtual drives to any of the virtual machines. So I have to do all the things using CLI now and definitely I enjoy the … Continue reading

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FreeBSD 11.0-RELEASE Announcement

Good news! They finally released it! I’m downloading the new version in a hurry to tame the BeaST to live within. And the most interesting part for me is: “The CTL High Availability implementation has been rewritten. [r287621] (Sponsored by iXsystems)” It looks like FreeBSD supports native dual-node … Continue reading

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