A simple way to visualize IBM SVC/Storwize performance

Recently I wrote a set of tools to collect and display in CLI performance statistic of IBM Spectrum Virtualize: SVC and Storwize systems. Using various protocols it’s possible to get both detailed performance for each vdisk, mdisk or drive as well as generalized statistics for the entire system.

These textual outputs can be pushed into any monitoring systems like Zabbix. But one of the easiest way is to use famous RRD to accumulate data and build such graphs. Below is a screenshot of an HTML dashboard with Controller-level performance statistics for a single IBM SVC system:IBM SVC/Storwize performance dashboard

Such simple dashboards and diagrams can easily be created for every recourse of the storage system. An example of the script for creating this controller-level performance dashboard is included into svcstats.py distribution under 2rrd directory.


About mezzantrop

12+ years of experience in large SAN and storage environments: mainly Hitachi, HP and Brocade. Now I am a proud SAN/storage IBMer. Redbooks author. The BeaST – storage-system concept inventor. Empty – expect-like tool developer. FreeBSD enthusiast.
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2 Responses to A simple way to visualize IBM SVC/Storwize performance

  1. shanker says:

    i manage to setup the data collection and working fine
    however when I open the html I dont have nice dashboard like yours .
    please advice

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    • mezzantrop says:

      Hi, it’s nice, data collection is working well for you. I expected something like that with the dashboard as it’s just an example of what can be done further to visualise data. Actually, I’m near zero in front-end coding, HTML, etc and that’s the main reason you don’t see the dashboard:) So if you have time and interst, you can fix the dashboard, improve or recreate it from scratch. And share the update 🙂 It would be very valuable!


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