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Мое очень субъективное мнение о профессиональном и не только образовании в ИТ

Обычно я пишу про ИТ – на разные, более или менее, узкоспециализированные темы вроде SAN/СХД или FreeBSD, но сейчас я попытаюсь выступить на чужом поле, поэтому многим читателям мои дальнейшие рассуждения, покажутся в достаточной мере спорными или даже наивными. Впрочем, … Continue reading

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“Empty” gets more mentions in hacking, IT security and science

Celebrating another birthday of Empty – my expect-like tool to automate interactive tasks. Though, I didn’t pay much attention to it for some time, it collects more and more mentions over Internet. It looks like Empty is mostly useful in … Continue reading

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Of course, not all of the scientists are so kind

My funny story as follows. A long time ago I discovered my expect-like tool “Empty” is mentioned in a paper buried somewhere in a book full of scientific articles. Of course, the book wasn’t free. But I was young and … Continue reading

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Children often ask me what I do at work (as a storage systems administrator)

And here is the answer for them right in the The Amazing World of Gumball – one of the funniest cartoon ever! See the “hacking” moment in the Safety episode (S03E32) where Anais talks about storage administration: The transcript: Gumball: … Continue reading

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Settling down on GitLab

Saying bombastically, I have chosen the UNIX-way a long time ago, that’s why I have just migrated my GitHub projects to GitLab. Yes, my sources on GitHub will be accessible for a while, but I’m not going to update them anymore. … Continue reading

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Excel formulas syntax

Once, I thought embedding SQL requests into a code was the most boring thing I could imagine. Now I’m losing all my marbles while trying to push MS Excel formulas into my Python script.

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Structure size optimization in C

Did you ever noticed the order of members in the data structures affects the whole size of the structure in C language? For example, if you define this T1 structure: typedef struct { char a; /* 1 byte */ int b; /* … Continue reading

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