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The real hardware for the BeaST storage system

Shortly after I finished developing the BeaST storage system concept and ended testing it in the virtual environment I faced a problem of how to find a two-headed bare-metal server with a bunch of shared drives. In fact I did … Continue reading

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Voice Control for Vernie, the robot based on LEGO

Yes, it’s me who spends long winter holidays playing with children’s toys. We bought a wonderful LEGO BOOST creative toolbox for my son, but I insidiously picked it from the child and started enhancing it with Python to add Voice … Continue reading

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My 2018 as a free software developer

The year is almost near the end and I’m feeling Christmas in the air already, now it’s time to recall what was done and count some results. So, the first half of the year I used GitHub as a platform to … Continue reading

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Supermatic – HTTP server in Bourne Shell

Have you, like me, ever dreamed about having your own WEB server? I mean, the real one – not a blog or a page in a social network. Now my dream came true. I have my own WEB server, it’s … Continue reading

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Configuring Linux server to work with the BeaST storage system over iSCSI protocol

I continue to test the BeaST on a real hardware and here is an update to the Linux client configuration guide:

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“Empty” gets more mentions in hacking, IT security and science

Celebrating another birthday of Empty – my expect-like tool to automate interactive tasks. Though, I didn’t pay much attention to it for some time, it collects more and more mentions over Internet. It looks like Empty is mostly useful in … Continue reading

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IPv6 multicast ping in Python

In the meantime, I continue to reinvent the wheel: just added IPv6 multicast ping to my small ICMP script collection in Python. And finally, sp_ping project page is here. Sources are there.

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