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IPv6 multicast ping in Python

In the meantime, I continue to reinvent the wheel: just added IPv6 multicast ping to my small ICMP script collection in Python. And finally, sp_ping project page is here. Sources are there. Advertisements

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My ICMP ping supports IPv6 now

Wohoo! This Sunday was awesome: I have just added IPv6 support to my own ICMP ping implementation in Python 3. Amazing, but it works: I’m not sure about Linux, but it successfully pings Google from my small FreeBSD box 🙂

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Quickly report alive IPv6 addresses on the network

While searching a robust solution to discover all alive hosts on the local IPv6 subnet, I have found the easiest way except, probably, ndp is to ping … no, not each of them, but the multicast address ff02::1 and then … Continue reading

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