BeaST Quorum functional tests and usage explanations

As I promised earlier, I have just finished a new paper on how to use the BeaST Quorum (BQ) device for automatic LUN failover switching on active/active storage controller system with FreeBSD CTL HA.

Also I have updated BQ to version 1.1.


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New BSD Magazine issue with my article!

Another bright topic for today! BSD Magazine has just published the fresh issue with my article on the cover!

“As Benjamin Franklin once said, “an investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” In that spirit, we are happy to deliver another repository of knowledge this month, starting with another great article, “First Look at the Renewed CTL High Availability Implementation in FreeBSD” by Mikhail Zakharov. Also in the FreeBSD Corner, Abdelhadi Khiati will explain how to “Create Your First FreeBSD Kernel Module.” This article will server as an introduction to an article by Abdelhadi which will be innext month’s issue”.


Many thanks to Matra Ziemianowicz and the whole BSD Magazine team for their great job!

Also read my CTL HA article here in the blog and see it on the BSD Now TV channel with Allan Jude and Kris Moore.

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Fetching data from Hitachi Command Suite with HiCommandCLI, PowerShell and Python


You may say it’s not worth writing a post on the subject, just use the Command Suite CLI, Luke and that’s all! But sometimes HCS CLI behavior is not so obvious. Telling the truth it may surprise you. Continue reading

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Quorum device for the FreeBSD CTL HA and the BeaST Storage system

Today I am pleased to announce BQ (the BeaST Quorum).

It is a simple quorum drive implementation which is suitable to run with the FreeBSD CTL HA and the BeaST Storage system. Soon I’m going to write a long post to describe how to use it.

Download the BeaST Quorum sources (bq-1.0.tgz) at Download BeaST Quorum but don’t expect to much of it as it is in the early develompent stage.

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My article on FreeBSD CTL High Availability and ALUA functions is shown on BSD Now TV!

In the issue #165 of BSD Now two awesome guys, Allan Jude and Kris Moore, show my paper while explaining FreeBSD CTL HA and ALUA subsystem.

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Setting memory size for Hitachi Command Suite CLI (HICommandCLI)

When running CLI for Hitachi Command Suit ( in UNIX or HICommandCLI.bat in Windows) we sometimes get this type of error:

KAIC90574-E The memory for the CLI became insufficient while this operation was being performed

Command Suite CLI is actually a Java application, and this error means that the default size of memory heap (256M or 512M according to Hitachi Command Suite CLI Reference Guide, MK-90HC176-19) is not enough to keep the data we have requested. Usually it happens while running requests with GetStorageArray, GetLogicalGroup and GetHostInfo commands on Command Suite servers with many large arrays registered in.

It’s obvious we must somehow increase the memory size in this case. Hitachi Command Suite CLI Reference Guide advises us to change HDVM_CLI_MEM_SIZE variable. And there are two possible ways of doing it: edit HICommandCLI script or set the environmental variable. But the Reference guide convinces us not to edit the script as any CLI reinstallation will erase our changes in the HICommandCLI. Continue reading

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Brocade Communications in Advanced Talks to Sell Itself – Bloomberg

logo-brocade-black-red-rgb-thumbnailBrocade Communications Systems Inc. is in advanced talks to sell itself, according to people familiar with the matter.

Source: Brocade Communications in Advanced Talks to Sell Itself – Bloomberg

UPD. Broadcom Press-release on the deal is already published.

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