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New life of old socks

I have just revived, updated and fixed macOS port of an amazing, yet abandoned transparent SOCKS proxy library. Don’t lose socks, guys πŸ™‚ https://github.com/mezantrop/tsocks tsocks provides transparent network access through a SOCKS proxy. This is common in firewalled LAN environments … Continue reading

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Supermatic – HTTP server in Bourne Shell

Have you, like me, ever dreamed about having your own WEB server? I mean, the real one – not a blog or a page in a social network. Now my dream came true. I have my own WEB server, it’s … Continue reading

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My ICMP ping supports IPv6 now

Wohoo! This Sunday was awesome: I have just added IPv6 support to my own ICMP ping implementation in Python 3. Amazing, but it works: I’m not sure about Linux, but it successfully pings Google from my small FreeBSD box πŸ™‚

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A nice way to return string values from functions in Bash

What can be as trivial as returning a value from a function in a scripting language? For those who has ever dealt with Bash, the answer turns out to be not so obvious. First, there are multiple options to do … Continue reading

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A simple way to visualize IBM SVC/Storwize performance

Recently I wrote a set of tools to collect and display in CLI performance statistic of IBM Spectrum Virtualize: SVC and Storwize systems. Using various protocols it’s possible to get both detailed performance for each vdisk, mdisk or drive as … Continue reading

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Executing a batch of commands on multiple IBM SVC/Storwize storage systems

Sometimes you have to change several configuration parameters or run multiple commands over a list of IBM SVC storage systems. Here is my small Python 3 script to do the stuff quickly. It requires ParamikoΒ module to handle SSH interactions. Edit … Continue reading

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Quick MS Excel IsTime() and TypeIs() functions solution

I never thought I would write hints for MS Excel VBA, nevertheless here is the first one. It turns out, there is a scripting problem with identifying value as a time in a cell on a worksheet. I was curious … Continue reading

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