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Short memo on COUNTIFS(), SUMIFS() and VLOOKUP() functions in MS Excel

Not using Excel very often, I sometimes have to waste my time searching Office support site for these functions in order to refresh in memory their tricky syntax and usage limitations. Today I decided to gather everything I know about … Continue reading

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Excel formulas syntax

Once, I thought embedding SQL requests into a code was the most boring thing I could imagine. Now I’m losing all my marbles while trying to push MS Excel formulas into my Python script.

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Quick MS Excel IsTime() and TypeIs() functions solution

I never thought I would write hints for MS Excel VBA, nevertheless here is the first one. It turns out, there is a scripting problem with identifying value as a time in a cell on a worksheet. I was curious … Continue reading

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Conway’s Game of Life for Excel

I always wanted to use MS Excel for a really, really useful project! You know, something like these amazing tools, which allow you to convert a picture into an array of cells on the Excel spreadsheet. So, don’t thinking much … Continue reading

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Microsoft Excel стал более лучше сохранять файлы

Эврика! Сегодня вдруг обнаружил, что MS Excel научился сжимать данные. На картинке видно, что xlsx-файл оказался в два раза меньше исходного csv. Скорее всего, я опять узнал об этом последним, но тем не менее, новость приятная.

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