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Children often ask me what I do at work (as a storage systems administrator)

And here is the answer for them right in the The Amazing World of Gumball – one of the funniest cartoon ever! See the “hacking” moment in the Safety episode (S03E32) where Anais talks about storage administration: The transcript: Gumball: … Continue reading

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Online command-line reference for scripting

SS64.com is a Command line reference – Web, Database and OS scripting. I have found this brilliant site, while trying to learn PowerShell in a day for writing the script which fetches hosts to LDEVs relationships from Hitachi Command Suite. … Continue reading

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Fetching data from Hitachi Command Suite with HiCommandCLI, PowerShell and Python

You may say it’s not worth writing a post on the subject, just use the Command Suite CLI, Luke and that’s all! But sometimes HCS CLI behavior is not so obvious. Telling the truth it may surprise you.

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Setting memory size for Hitachi Command Suite CLI (HICommandCLI)

When running CLI for Hitachi Command Suit (HICommandCLI.sh in UNIX or HICommandCLI.bat in Windows) we sometimes get this type of error: KAIC90574-E The memory for the CLI became insufficient while this operation was being performed Command Suite CLI is actually … Continue reading

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Hitachi Tuning Manager Agents cheat sheet

A bit outdated yet very useful cheat sheet for Hitachi Tuning Manager agents configuration. Also the whole site is amazing source of UNIX and Storage articles. Note: the texts are primarily in Russian language. Source: HDS Tuning manager agents – напоминалки | Unix pin

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Quick check for Command Devices mapped from Hitachi arrays

In CCI, under HORCM/etc run: raidscan -x findcmddev 0-100 If Tuning Manager Agents are installed: INSTALLATION-PATH/jp1pc/tools/jpctdlistraid In MS Windows it’s better to specify Command devices like \\.\CMD-12345 instead of \\.\PhysicalDriveX where possible to avoid occasional drive mix after reboot. UPDATE … Continue reading

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Hitachi Tuning Manager Agents installation funny messages

Nothing serious, just agent installation procedure. And do you always notice all that small remarks of default setup wizards? 😉

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