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My very first work for science!

Just discovered my first published “scientific” work for the institute I graduated from. I was seriously involved in creating the first Internet gateway and the appropriate infrastructure for our institute that time. Anyway it’s a very big surprise for me, … Continue reading

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Somebody ate too much

Microsoft shrinks OneDrive free storage space from 15 GB to 5 GB.

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My O’Reilly’s author profile

Celebrating my author profile at O’Reilly revived! Though the links to my old papers are totally lost in space and time 🙂

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Computer History Museum

Great project, website and YouTube channel. Recommend to subscribe! http://youtu.be/hXAjVw-bP5g

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Утилита empty в IT-шном шоу

Оказывается, что всего-то пару-тройку лет назад про empty замечательно рассказали в передаче на hak5.org Смотрите эпизод 1107 с 6:20 по 15:20

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