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Conway’s Game of Life for Excel

I always wanted to use MS Excel for a really, really useful project! You know, something like these amazing tools, which allow you to convert a picture into an array of cells on the Excel spreadsheet. So, don’t thinking much … Continue reading

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There is a super nice typical problem scenario #4…

… according to the NetApp® Manageability SDK Printable Online Help, October 2016 | 215-11740_A0, page 147 exists on DataONTAP prior to 7.3/7.2.3P1 versions 🙂

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Division by zero: What’s happen if you do it on mechanical calculator?

The normal process of division is performed by simple sequential substation. So dividing 6 by 2 is: 6 – 2 = 4 4 – 2 = 2 2 – 2 = 0 And the answer is 3. But when you … Continue reading

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Hitachi Tuning Manager Agents installation funny messages

Nothing serious, just agent installation procedure. And do you always notice all that small remarks of default setup wizards? 😉

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Почему мой телефон не обновится до нового андроеда? – Official Russian – Medium

То, что вы всегда подозревали, но боялись сказать вслух про телефоны с Android 🙂 “Андроед-телефоны, как и все вещи в 2016 году, собираются из каких-то *баных микросхем. У вас могло сложиться ошибочное мнение, что работу …” Источник: Почему мой телефон … Continue reading

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OpenBSD humor [no] yes

Just a message in the OpenBSD group in Facebook Tito Mari Francis Escano: Trying to setup an OpenBSD 5.9 VM, for the sake of practicing security, I thought of setting up a local user, but I was going too fast, since … Continue reading

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My very first work for science!

Just discovered my first published “scientific” work for the institute I graduated from. I was seriously involved in creating the first Internet gateway and the appropriate infrastructure for our institute that time. Anyway it’s a very big surprise for me, … Continue reading

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