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There is a super nice typical problem scenario #4…

… according to the NetApp® Manageability SDK Printable Online Help, October 2016 | 215-11740_A0, page 147 exists on DataONTAP prior to 7.3/7.2.3P1 versions 🙂

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Division by zero: What’s happen if you do it on mechanical calculator?

The normal process of division is performed by simple sequential substation. So dividing 6 by 2 is: 6 – 2 = 4 4 – 2 = 2 2 – 2 = 0 And the answer is 3. But when you … Continue reading

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Hitachi Tuning Manager Agents installation funny messages

Nothing serious, just agent installation procedure. And do you always notice all that small remarks of default setup wizards? 😉

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Почему мой телефон не обновится до нового андроеда? – Official Russian – Medium

То, что вы всегда подозревали, но боялись сказать вслух про телефоны с Android 🙂 “Андроед-телефоны, как и все вещи в 2016 году, собираются из каких-то *баных микросхем. У вас могло сложиться ошибочное мнение, что работу …” Источник: Почему мой телефон … Continue reading

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OpenBSD humor [no] yes

Just a message in the OpenBSD group in Facebook Tito Mari Francis Escano: Trying to setup an OpenBSD 5.9 VM, for the sake of practicing security, I thought of setting up a local user, but I was going too fast, since … Continue reading

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My very first work for science!

Just discovered my first published “scientific” work for the institute I graduated from. I was seriously involved in creating the first Internet gateway and the appropriate infrastructure for our institute that time. Anyway it’s a very big surprise for me, … Continue reading

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English to Russian translation difficulties

LinkedIn suggests me to add “Складское дело” which means maybe “warehouse keeping” into my skills. Anyway it looks like they understand my SAN and Storage Systems profession totally wrong 🙂

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