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Quick MS Excel IsTime() and TypeIs() functions solution

I never thought I would write hints for MS Excel VBA, nevertheless here is the first one. It turns out, there is a scripting problem with identifying value as a time in a cell on a worksheet. I was curious … Continue reading

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Conway’s Game of Life for Excel

I always wanted to use MS Excel for a really, really useful project! You know, something like these amazing tools, which allow you to convert a picture into an array of cells on the Excel spreadsheet. So, don’t thinking much … Continue reading

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Online command-line reference for scripting

SS64.com is a Command line reference – Web, Database and OS scripting. I have found this brilliant site, while trying to learn PowerShell in a day for writing the script which fetches hosts to LDEVs relationships from Hitachi Command Suite. … Continue reading

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Fetching data from Hitachi Command Suite with HiCommandCLI, PowerShell and Python

You may say it’s not worth writing a post on the subject, just use the Command Suite CLI, Luke and that’s all! But sometimes HCS CLI behavior is not so obvious. Telling the truth it may surprise you.

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Setting memory size for Hitachi Command Suite CLI (HICommandCLI)

When running CLI for Hitachi Command Suit (HICommandCLI.sh in UNIX or HICommandCLI.bat in Windows) we sometimes get this type of error: KAIC90574-E The memory for the CLI became insufficient while this operation was being performed Command Suite CLI is actually … Continue reading

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Grouping commands in the Bourne Shell (sh)

Parentheses are used to run commands in a subshell: $ foo=bar $ echo $foo bar $ (foo=superbar; echo $foo) superbar $ echo $foo bar Curly braces are for grouping commands into a list to run in the current shell. But … Continue reading

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Параллельный запуск команд из shell скрипта в *NIX

Внезапно на сотне *NIX серверов пришлось запустить несколько одинаковых, но долгих по времени выполнения команд. Для того, чтобы ускорить процесс и обрабатывать серверы не последовательно, а параллельно, я написал простенький sh-скрипт, шаблон которого, на всякий случай, оставлю здесь. Изначально я … Continue reading

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