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Printing lines side by side in shell

Everybody knows, there is paste command in every *NIX to print two files side by side or join which is obviously used to join text-files by their key-fields. And there are a lot of examples and tutorials over Internet, so the subject is as … Continue reading

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A nice way to return string values from functions in Bash

What can be as trivial as returning a value from a function in a scripting language? For those who has ever dealt with Bash, the answer turns out to be not so obvious. First, there are multiple options to do … Continue reading

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The BeaST again!

I’m working hard now to run the BeaST Storage system on the real hardware and hope to have some results and good news to post in the future. Meanwhile, I have updated The BeaST Classic – dual-controller storage system with RAID … Continue reading

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Scan IBM SVC/Storwize system for “SCSI ID Mismatches”

A small addition to the SAN/Storage CLI Toolbox which shows so called SCSI ID (LUN) mismatches on IBM SVC/Storwize systems. This Bourne shell/awk script shows the list of the same vdisks that are mapped with different SCSI IDs. Should be useful … Continue reading

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What is the name of a new drive in my FreeBSD box

or a quick way to list GEOM configuration in FreeBSD Drives related information questions, including that one in the title, may be tricky for a new (and sometimes for an experienced) FreeBSD user, and even Handbook advises to see the “dmesg” … Continue reading

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Grouping commands in the Bourne Shell (sh)

Parentheses are used to run commands in a subshell: $ foo=bar $ echo $foo bar $ (foo=superbar; echo $foo) superbar $ echo $foo bar Curly braces are for grouping commands into a list to run in the current shell. But … Continue reading

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Параллельный запуск команд из shell скрипта в *NIX

Внезапно на сотне *NIX серверов пришлось запустить несколько одинаковых, но долгих по времени выполнения команд. Для того, чтобы ускорить процесс и обрабатывать серверы не последовательно, а параллельно, я написал простенький sh-скрипт, шаблон которого, на всякий случай, оставлю здесь. Изначально я … Continue reading

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