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My 2018 as a free software developer

The year is almost near the end and I’m feeling Christmas in the air already, now it’s time to recall what was done and count some results. So, the first half of the year I used GitHub as a platform to … Continue reading

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Children often ask me what I do at work (as a storage systems administrator)

And here is the answer for them right in the The Amazing World of Gumball – one of the funniest cartoon ever! See the “hacking” moment in the Safety episode (S03E32) where Anais talks about storage administration: The transcript: Gumball: … Continue reading

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A nice way to return string values from functions in Bash

What can be as trivial as returning a value from a function in a scripting language? For those who has ever dealt with Bash, the answer turns out to be not so obvious. First, there are multiple options to do … Continue reading

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Quickly report alive IPv6 addresses on the network

While searching a robust solution to discover all alive hosts on the local IPv6 subnet, I have found the easiest way except, probably, ndp is to ping … no, not each of them, but the multicast address ff02::1 and then … Continue reading

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Атбаш, Цезарь и Виженер в Гравити Фолз

На новый год Дед Мороз подарил сыну Дневник №3 неизвестного автора из Гравити Фолз. Папа теперь разгадывает коды и шифры. Загадок в книжке полно, пришлось на коленке написать коротенький скрипт для для раскодирования кодов Атбаш, Цезарь и Виженер. Для несчастных родителей или … Continue reading

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Conway’s Game of Life for Excel

I always wanted to use MS Excel for a really, really useful project! You know, something like these amazing tools, which allow you to convert a picture into an array of cells on the Excel spreadsheet. So, don’t thinking much … Continue reading

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