The BeaST

The BeaST is the FreeBSD based dual-controller reliable storage system concept with ZFS and in-memory cache.


pdf_iconSimple quorum drive for the FreeBSD CTL HA and the BeaST storage system

The BeaST Quorum device source code Download BeaST Quorum

pdf_iconFirst look at the renewed CTL High Availability implementation in FreeBSD Version 1.1 2016.10.20

pdf_iconUsing SSD as the level two cache for the FreeBSD dual-controller storage array 2016.07.21

pdf_iconOptimizing in-memory cache of the BeaST architecture 2016.06.30

pdf_iconImplementing in-memory cache in the BeaST architecture Version 1.1 2016.05.19

pdf_iconAdding ZFS to the FreeBSD dual-controller storage concept 2016.05.04

pdf_iconFreeBSD based dual-controller storage system concept 2016.04.28


About mezzantrop

10 years of experience in large SAN and storage environments: mainly Hitachi, HP and Brocade. Now I am a proud SAN/storage IBMer. Empty – expect-like tool author. FreeBSD enthusiast.
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2 Responses to The BeaST

  1. SpaceGhostEngineer says:

    I am really enjoying reading your articles in BSD Magazine on this subject, thank you for writing the articles and sharing them with the BSD community!

    I have been trying to recreate your setup from the first article, “FreeBSD based dual-controller storage system concept”. I have been running into issues and I was wondering if you had seen the below error message? When “clnt-1” connects to “ctrl-a” with the iscsictl command, the dmesg output for da0 matches your output. However, for da1, instead of getting a line stating “da1: 98MB (…..)” like in your article, I get “Attempt to query device size failed: NOT READY, Logical unit not ready, manual”. The entire output for da1 is listed below.

    “da1 at scsii1 bus 0 scbus9 target 0 lun 1”
    “da1: Fixed Direct Access SPC-4 SCSI device”
    “da1: Serial Number MYSERIAL 2”
    “da1: 150.000MB/s transfers”
    “da1: Command Queueing enabled”
    “da1: Attempt to query device size failed: NOT READY, Logical unit not ready, manual”.

    The same thing happens when I add the “ctrl-B” session with da3. The output for da2 matches your article exactly, but for da3 I am getting the “Attempt to query device size failed: NOT READY, Logical unit not ready, manual” message. On both controllers, the mirrors appear to be healthy and happy. The gmirror command is not showing any oddities on the controller. The iSCSI sessions on the private and public connections are all connected as well.

    Did you ever encounter this error? If so, do you have any clues or tips you may be able to share?

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    • mezzantrop says:

      Hi SpaceGhostEngineer,

      in such situations “not ready” messages usually mean that LUN is defined in /etc/ctl.conf but it is actually can’t be reached. So check if the block device is accessible then execute “service ctld reload” to force ctld to re-read the configuration file or even “service ctld restart” to restart the daemon. Hope this advice can help you. Actually, I’m now finishing automatic failover/failback functions of the basic BeaST architecture (without ZFS), so I hope to update previous or write new papers on it.


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